Dog gestation period

Dog gestation period

A normal pregnancy lasts 63 days. Up to the fifth week only little apparent changes are produced and even then it is difficult to notice, just by looking, that the female dog is pregnant or to know how many puppies are going to be born, even when the impatient owners can now use the radiograph visualization.

From the fifth week on the nipples and mammary gland increase their size and get darker, getting ready to receive the breast feeders. The dog may seem a little more quiet than normal, but apart from this nothing on its aspect indicates its pregnancy up to the sixth or seventh week, when its abdomen begins to progressively increase as the puppies get bigger in size. The dog will need to urinate more often than usual.

In the eighth week, the dog's breast, really big already, begin to secrete whitish and transparent liquid. If the coloration of this fluid is not strange, there is not reason to get alarmed. dog leash wholesale

If the dog was fed with good quality food before the mating, it won't need to take food complements or changes in the diet until a few weeks prior to the delivery. Around this period, the mother's appetite will notably increase and you will have to provide great quality food, rich in proteins and in little quantities many times a day. What the dog needs are substances to form and feed its puppies, no much quantity of carbohydrates and fats because they will only make it fatter. Dog Collars

Two weeks before the programmed date for the delivery, the latest, you must already decide where the puppies are going to be born and have all the equipment ready. Even when the delivery doesn't usually varies its date more than one or two days before or after, all the rules have exceptions and the puppies may arrive one week before they are expected, in the middle of the night or in the least thought place.

The female dogs that were not mated during their heats frequently suffer from nervous or psychological pregnancies eight or nine weeks after the heat is over. The dog's body gets ready for the delivery, even when it is not pregnant. Some time the female dogs dig in the earth, prepare their nests and even collect toys or other objects and defend them as if they were a real litter. Some of them even produce milk.

False pregnancies are nor harmful for the health and don't usually last more than four days, but can make the dog suffer and repeat it each heat. Talk to the veterinary so he can tell you how you should treat your dog in such situation, he can give you advices about how to stop those episodes in the future.

One same litter can have different fathers if the female dog accepted more than one male during its fertility period because the female dogs are capable to conceive every time they get mated. Even if you have taken your dog to the breeder male dog and the mating has been successful, you must keep your dog away from the other males until the danger has passed. This is why the street female dogs have puppies that are different from each other on each delivery; half the litter looks like the mother and the father and the other half looks like the mother and the other father.

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