Maida, the dog of Walter Scott (1731 – 1832), a mixture of a Deerhound and a Mastiff, according to the novelist description, was painted so many times with its master, especially by Edwin Landseer that it ended up hating the paintings.

It was so sick of posing that is was enough for it to see a brush and a palette to wake up and quickly leave the room, so that is the reason why the writer was forced to pose with a dog different than his, many times.


Walter Scott wrote: "The terrible thing about having a dog is how soon it dies. Now well, if it could live 50 years and then die, what would it have from me?" when Maida died, the Scottish novelist had a marble mausoleum built for him in his Abbottsford house, where he had the following epitaph writer: Sit tibi terra levis, which means "Hope the earth is not too heavy for you" Dog Collars

The dog has rarely been able to elevate the man up to its sagacity level. On the other hand, the man has been able to very frequently drag the dog to his.

James Thurber, Men, Women and Dogs, 1940. 

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